Solar Renewable Energy for Tasmanian Schools

Turn Your School Into a Model of Solar Power

Educational institutions facing budget cuts or just looking to reduce their operating costs can save on electricity needs and protect against rising electricity rates with a grid-connected solar PV system from Electrical One.

The clean, quiet, on-site power generation can also provide educational benefits that inspire students, parents and the community with a successful and practical application of renewable energy that frees up cash to create a more positive school experience.

Electrical One provides solar for schools. We offer full consulting services as well as ongoing solar services like monitoring and maintenance.

High energy consumption makes schools great solar prospects

Solar projects for schools are a great way to combat budget cuts and escalating electricity prices simultaneously. On-site school grid-connected solar PV systems also serve as unique educational tools. Childhood experiences have a way of influencing the rest of our lives, and we believe a grid-connected solar PV project for schools can make a lasting impact on students and help them see clean, renewable solar power as a viable option for the future.

Electrical One understands the value of an installation that causes minimal interference with classes, and ensures a smooth deliver of your school’s solar energy project.

We warmly encourage schools throughout Tasmania to contact us for further information about the generous incentives on offer.

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