Tasmania Solar Grid Connected Feed-in Tariffs

A feed-in tariff is a premium rate paid for electricity fed back into the electricity grid from a designated renewable electricity generation source like a rooftop solar panel system.

Renewable energy grid connection, known as net metering, enables customers to use Aurora's grid like a large battery, drawing energy when they need it and sending it out when they have an excess. Customers are billed only for the net energy that is imported, plus standing charges.

Your electricity bill is calculated as the difference between the amount of electricity you export from your renewable energy system and the amount you import from the grid. You only pay for the electricity you use that is over and above what your renewable energy system produces.

This type of energy generation is known as embedded generation. Embedded generation is the connection of electricity generators to the local electrical distribution network. This type of generation may come from a range of renewable sources, such as solar energy, wind energy or micro hydro.

Renewable, grid-connect energy systems are available in a range of sizes - a typical system is 10kW. If you are planning to install a renewable grid-connected energy system larger than 10kW, please contact Aurora for advice on the rate you will receive for any exported energy.

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