Let’s hear what some of our customers have to say about going solar and the financial rewards they’ve seen since:

Dean Hodge from Electrical One was contracted to install a 1.9kWh system at my residence in Sandford in May 2011.

Before Dean did the install I contacted 5 Tasmanian installers for quotes, I received prices ranging from $4500 up to $12,000. One installer just told me to look on his website and if the price was right ring him back and he would see if he wanted to do the install.

I picked Dean not because he was the cheapest but because it was obvious from the start that he was a tradesperson who took his clients needs on board and that he was approachable and wiling to look at carrying out a installation that was not the typical solar install.

My system is installed on a custom tracking frame that I designed and fabricated myself. The array is able to track the sun from sunrise to sunset and this has allowed me top produce a constant average of 7.4 kWh per day for the last year. I believe this output is comparable to a larger3 kWh system.

Dean carried out the install in a professional manner and completed all work to a high standard, it is good to see there are still trades people in the industry who are not just out to make money but who are also generally interested in what they are doing and what the customer wants.

Another bonus is that Dean actually lives in Hobart and is not a Mainland fly by nighter who disappears once there is a problem. Or fobs you of when you ring to see why your install hasn’t been carried out.

Dean to this date has carried out I think another 6 installation’s for clients who I have recommended to him, whilst I am not backward in recommending Electrical One I also tell these people that they can get cheaper systems but if you want direct contact with the installer / supplier who is a local and who takes pride in his work then Dean is the person to see.

Simon Bailey, Sandford

We got Dean to install 16 solar panels and an extra two panels for our hot water system in May 2011.
In 10 months they have generated $1288 worth of power ...and we are now $300 in credit !! Looks like we are on track to no more Aurora bills ever ! This is great news.

Dean and his crew were on time and on budget with our work and always there to answer my uninformed questions.

We are happy to recommend Electrical One and Dean Hodge at the highest level.

Ron, Bellerive

With lots of valuable assistance from our neighbour, who has a very good understanding of electrical systems, we shopped around for quite some time and was about to give up when we came across Electrical One.

Being in Launceston was no problem for Dean to come up and have a discussion at a level we could understand.

He provided a very competitive quote too, was very thorough with the installation, and very professional from start to finish.

Would gladly recommend Dean, in fact we have, to anyone considering a solar installation.

Keith & Noreen Rice

From the initial phone call to Electrical One, the whole process proved to be professional and fully explained. Different options were to suggested, backed by a wealth of knowledge of both the products offered and the solutions to our needs.

The installation was hassle free, with very little inconvenience or interruption to the power supply.

We would not hesitate in recommending Dean and his team to others looking for the "correct solution" to their solar needs. In fact our neighbour has just ordered the same system to be installed on our recommendation.

A big thanks to Electrical One, in just a few weeks of winter we have already produced 255Kw/h's of solar power, Very Happy.

(3Kw suntech panels with a SMA 4Kw inverter)

Carl & Jan
The Willows